Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fanny Wang headphone review

There’s been a recent trend in the world of headphones- funky means fresh. But more often than not, music lovers are forced to sacrifice good sound for good looks.

Fortunately, a company called Fanny Wang has built a solution.

Fanny Wang 1003 headphones feature an on-ear design that is not so unique; they look similar to Solo Beats by Dr. Dre. But what distinguishes them from other headphones, what will have people turning their heads to get a better look, are the wild colors offered by Fanny Wang.

I am currently sporting a pair of 1003’s that are a bold minty turquoise color. People stare at them when I wear them walking to class.

While the cans are a thing of beauty, they’ve also got brains and brawn.

The chord alone is extremely functional. There is a built-in splitter that makes sharing your favorite music a snap. And the other end features an inline remote with volume rocker, play/pause button, and a microphone so they can be used with an iPhone. The chord itself detaches from the left ear cup and can be used as an auxiliary chord.

Another great aspect of the 1003’s is how solid they feel. Under the hard plastic is a metal skeleton. This should comfort buyers looking to invest in the cans. When spending $175 on headphones, durability is essential.

The best part, and the most important part, is how great these headphones sound. I own a pair of Bose headphones, and after listening to some select songs with the Fanny Wangs, I heard sounds on familiar tracks that I never knew existed.

After a session of listening to hip-hop, rock, jazz, and one viewing of Die Hard, I am convinced these headphones can handle anything. They easily surpassed my sound quality expectations.

If the Fanny Wangs have a single drawback, it’s comfort.

Perhaps my head is larger than the average Californian’s (where Fanny Wangs are designed), but after about an hour of wearing the 1003’s I am ready to take them off. With that said, I do not think this would be a problem with the company’s around-ear model.

I consider myself as a touch critic when it comes to audio equipment, and the Fanny Wang 1003’s are quality headphones that I would recommend to my friends and family, but I may not refer to them by name around my grandmother.

— by Jordan Montgomery

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where to soak up the sun - Spring Break 2012

If you're one of the lucky kids who gets to escape the bi-polar Midwest weather we've been having for the next week, you're most likely going to somewhere with a lot of sun, sand, and sangria. Here is a line-up of the top picks of Spring Break hotspots (based on an unofficial survey of Facebook statuses, tweets, and random bragging overheard by friends and acquaintances).

1. Panama City Beach (PCB)

Let's be honest — if you're going to PCB, your ready to over-consume in every aspect of the word. Too many shots, too much tanning, and too much sloppy smooching are likely on the to-do list. This is the perfect place to escape all of the stresses of school, work, and real life in general. But beware, it's also a great place to get alcohol poisoning, or crabs.

2. Las Vegas

If you're feeling lucky and have some spare cash, Las Vegas is the place for you this spring break. It may be a pricier trip than others, but the risk may be worth the reward if the Blackjack table is hot. Vegas has a lot to offer from the casinos, to the poolside drink service and one of a kind nightlife. For the college student Vegas-goers this spring, the chance of a Hangover remake is always possible. Consider yourself lucky if you come back richer, and for the rest — remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

3. Florida/Arizona (obligatory grandparent visit)

And then there are the spring break trips that are actually relaxing and highlight the word "break." These are also some of the most cost and health efficient trips. Weather you're visiting grandpa for a golfing trip in Naples, or going to lounge by grandma's pool in Tuscon, taking a family trip does have its perk. You might not rage hard, or meet a hot fling for a week, but some good R and R never hurt anyone.

-Hannah Kramer