Sunday, August 28, 2011

MTV VMA'S live blog

Lady Gaga dressed as a man, i'm sure it's already on YouTube.

Britney Spears won best pop video...shes still one of my idols

Kanye and Jay-Z performed from Watch the Throne "Otis" pretty great duo, but I do think Jay-Z makes Kanye look short!

Foo Fighters won best rock album, well deserved.

KIA Sol's are the cars of the future I guess...Hamsters driving and robots groovin'.

8:47 Best Collaboration goes to Kanye and Katy Perry with the pink hair. I think she's pretty awesome AND she was nominated for 10 vma's!!

8:50 Neyo ft. Pitbull and Nayer perform "Give Me Everything" she wearing a body suit? making her look naked?

Kim looking "dashing" as usual

Debut VMA performance for Adele. She is so talented and what a gorgeous face. Her album "21" is something to hear. She sounds just as great live as on the cd.

9:05 BRITNEY IN 20 minutes!!

9:11 Nominees for best male video announced by Kim Kardashian:
cee lo green, kanye west, bruno mars, eminem, justin bieber

...goes to JUSTIN BIEBER. And there is that rumor about Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber being in love. They probably get paid to do that!

Chris Brown is finally back on top of his game and that whole violence dispute with Rihanna. He is a great performer.

"Beautiful people" and flying through the air in a white suit. Beautiful timing but its pretty insane. This performance is a statement about his career in a way, he is back, he is the future kinda thing.


Does anyone know who this singer girl is?

Lady or shall I say Lad Gaga's biggest inspiration was Britney Spears! And honestly she was sooooo amazing back in the day.

9:28 Tribute to Britney starts with Hit me Baby one more time..oops i did it again..toxic..slave 4 u...till the world ends. STANDING O for Britney who looks great! But Gaga was taking away from her speech.


Are they gonna make out

BEYONCE is performing in a sparkly purple suit, but she's still rocking it hard, never heard this song but I love it, so powerful and confident!

And she reveals the BABY BUMP! congrats honey-B and Jay-Z

Who is gonna be the best new artist? Nominees are Foster the People, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler, the Creator, Big Sean, Kreayshawn

and it goes to Tyler, the Creator!!!

9:45 VMA Debut, Young the Giant, Indie group gone famous. They put on a good show.

Just found out the singer is Jessie english, R&B, and soul artist

DO you think the jersey shore girls coordinated their outfits ?

9:58 BEST FEMALE VIDEO: Lady Gaga "Born this Way" I'm nervous for what Gaga is doing right now.

I would be kind of pissed if I was sitting behind Katy Perry in that Hat.

Gaga is accepting of all people no matter what and I think that's pretty cool of her. She is clearly making a statement with her song and outfit tonight.

Russell Brandt tribute to Amy Winehouse acknowledging alcoholism and drug addiction. Her death did effect all of us she was a great talent.

10:08 Tony Bennett speaking of Amy and their recording together. Calling her a true "jazz artist" along with Ella Fitzgerald! Recording of "Beautiful" from March 23, 2011. What a great way to celebrate her life and talent.

-Carly Hurwitz

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