Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seeing Red at the Emmys

Last Sunday, September 18, was the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards, and a slew of celebrities showed up in gowns to match the carpet beneath their feet. I've ranked 5 of the standouts here from best to worst. See if you agree!

Winner: Nina Dobrev
The Vampire Diaries star wins in the categories of: perfect fit, perfect shade, perfect accessories. Overall perfection.

Runner up: Kate Winslet
I love Kate, and I love her in this dress. It has a classic timelessness despite the bold color and plunging keyhole neckline. Elegant but still exciting.

#3. Lea Michele
Not bad, Lea Michele, but it seems a bit safe and boring. I expected a little more glitz and glamour from you. Also, I don't like those weird rosette things on your shoulders. Slightly Blah.

#4. Kerry Washington
There's a lot going on this dress; from the sparkle, to the see-through, to the thick hem. I think I might like this a little better without that thick hem, something about it just looks heavy and bulky. It looks a bit cheap if you ask me.

#5. Angela Kinsey
I think the style of this dress is overwhelming the petite star. There isn't much structure, and the band of ruching in the middle makes her look squat and wide. Not the most flattering, but I like the bold color choice!

Moral of the story: Everybody loves a lady in red.

-Julia Jessen

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