Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reading List

I am always disappointed with the lack of time I can find to read books for fun. Between reading for classes, doing assignments for classes, and trying to have a tiny bit of a life outside of classes, reading tends to fall by the wayside.

But I’ve decided to try to make a little more time for reading. In honor of my efforts I’ve made this short list of a few books that I really enjoyed and a couple that I’m looking forward to beginning.

The Help

By Kathryn Stockett

I read this book while on vacation with my family this summer, and I became completely engrossed by it. I read it before I saw the movie, and I enjoyed both. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a movie based on a book is actually almost as good as the book. I cried at the end of both.

The book, set in Jackson, Mississippi in 1962, tells the interwoven story of two maids, Aibileen and Minny, and a budding journalist, Skeeter, as they expose what it’s really like to work for a white family in the 60’s.

The Passage

By Justin Cronin

Not your typical vampire novel, this book by Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduate, Justin Cronin, takes you into a bleak apocalyptic future filled with strange violent creatures, and a few people trying to save the world.

I’ve heard that this book is set to become a movie, which will be very exciting, and hopefully a good movie. I’m also excited about the second book in the series, which will come out in 2012.

Postcards from Europe

By Rick Steves

I love Rick Steves. He is kind of my old man crush. Rick Steves is a guidebook author, travel writer, and he hosts the public television program, “Rick Steves’ Europe”. This book provides a more anecdotal look at his travels, sharing adventures from years of traveling that are funny, beautiful, and inspiring. This book is one of my favorites in my Rick Steves collection.

One Day

By David Nicholls

I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s sitting on my desk right now waiting for the moment when I have a sliver of time to crack it open.

The book takes place during a single day each year for twenty years, showing the interaction of the lives of Dex and Emma.

I would also like to see the movie version of the book, which stars Anne Hathaway, but I hear it’s not very good. I have a feeling I’ll probably like it anyway.

Chuck Close: Life

By Christopher Finch

I recently picked this up from the Haunted Bookstore, and it is now sitting on my desk with One Day, also waiting to be read.

This is a biography looking at the life of Chuck Close, an amazing painter (some of his pieces look exactly like photographs of the person they’re depicting), who suffered a spinal stroke, which caused him temporary quadriplegia. His story sounds amazing, and I know his work is incredible, so I can’t wait to read about him.

-Julia Jessen

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