Sunday, July 6, 2008

The √'s

The beat was slow and funky. Eclectic even. Bassist Owen Biddle laid down a low jam with occasional ventures up the neck before shying back down the frets. Damon "Tuba Gooding Junior" Bryson puffed the sousaphone alongside Biddle, unable to wander up the notes, but able to physically accost the crowd with waves of hot, moist air. Kamal Gray walked out to tickle the keys with the duo, much unsatisfied with his set-up, shifting cords and pedals with 80/35 stage hands. Fortunately, he finds his niche and starts to crescendo the piano keys while holding the organ keys steady.

The foundation has been laid. Time to lay on the finesse.

In a shower of Hendrix/Prince/Lenny Kravitz sexual ebony-effeminacy, Captain Kirk walked out, picked up the rhinestone axe and threw some muffled treble over the accumulating sound. The funk is impending. F. Knuckles rolled out on the bongo, holding back his wailing hands to save the mood approaching on the growing Des Moines skyline.

Suddenly, ?uestlove walked out, nonchalantly and frowning, typical of the pick-in-hair'ed drummer. Feeding off the swelling bongos, the beat beginan. The sound that normally comes from a DJ booth radiated live and pulsating from the stage. The last piece of the puzzle walked out and the show began with Black Thoughts soothing lyrics.

More on the Roots and their earning the title "Top band of the 21st Century" by Rolling Stone soon...

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