Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pimp at age 3, extraordinarily less cool at age almost 22.

Well I'm not sure about the rest of the University of Iowa community, but I thought Chuck Klosterman's lecture last night was off the chain. AKA he is my favorite author and I drooled the entire time, guffawed at all his jokes, and enjoyed my perpetual glee all night long. Can't wait for his new book to come out!

So school started, buzzzzzkill. In upcoming news, Thanksgiving break is approaching. But seeing as we are facing a new season, we know what that means. Another playlist that I will pore over for weeks, perfecting and honing, that ultimately no one will read or care about except me.

"Da new hits", or, "sorry to waste your time, and I know I said it last time, but this one's the best"

• "Everyday it's 1989"- Moby (Extended sidenote: TG that everyday is not 1989, though. I personally survived approximately 37 earaches in the year 1989, as well as a crippling lack of hair and a perplexing streak of lying. I once convinced my parents for no apparent reason that I had kissed a boy at preschool, and to this day, they won't believe that I made it up. They asked me, at age 3, "Well, Ann, what happened when you kissed Christopher?" to which I responded, "Well, he liked it." This day would serve as an indication for how the rest of my life would not go.)
• "Say So"- Uh Huh Her
• "Time to Pretend"- MGMT. It is my understanding that everyone is now over this band, but seeing as I've illegally acquired it song by song over time, this one is my new favorite. "This is our decision/to live fast and die young/We've got the vision, now let's have some fun./Yeah, it's overwhelming, but what else can we do./Get jobs in offices, and wake up for the morning commute." Doesn't that sound AWFUL? I'm rapidly approaching age 22, and for me, that means I better have enjoyed my youth whilst it lasted.)
• "Lip Gloss"- Lil Mama. She so hot! See my earlier post from late July/early August on this topic.
• "Crawl"- Kings of Leon. It's not getting old yet, and I foresee a bright future between myself and this song.
• "Konichiwa Bitches"- Robyn. ya wanna rumble in mah jungle? so perverse, so awesome.
• "Sex on Fire"- KOL again. This is the grownup version/equivalent of what Christopher was trying to tell me all those years ago. Except, that scene never took place, so... 3-year-old Annie should have known she was doomed.
• "Academia"- Sia feat. Beck
• "Lex"- Ratatat. My dad recently heard me playing this song, and said to me, "Hey, I like this song." which is pretty monumental, considering my dad considers most of my music to be akin to the sounds of things dying (see: Radiohead) (his opinion of course) I immediately was ecstatic and tried to convert him altogether to alternative rock, but he told me he was content listening to Latin music (note: NOT latino music, but Latin, like the cryptic dead language Latin.) and a little Smashmouth/Shrek soundtrack/Fleetwood Mac if he's feelin' funky. another disclaimer: my dad is actually incredibly cool. and if he ever reads this, which is not likely, he will call me to complain that I have misrepresented him. I am extremely confused why this photograph is appropriate for this blogpost, but it came up when I google image searched "cool Latin."
• "The Wrath of Marcie"- The Go! Team. I have previously always been vehemently against bands with punctuation in their names, but I will let this one slide.
• "I want you (she's so heavy)"- Dana Fuchs/Joe Carpio/Joe Anderson. This is the cover from the Across the Universe soundtrack, for which my roommate ridicules me because "that is NOT the beatles." I am aware of this, but I still like it.

But alas, class approaches like a small cloud of doom. Today, I am sharing an essay I wrote about anxiety, and I sense that my classmates will think I am extraordinarily troubled/awkward/edgy based upon this essay. Therefore I am also going to bring my MacBook to class so they will think I am simultaneously cool, in addition to having this absurd obsession with my worries.


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