Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Woof Woof Here, A Syndicated Pet Dining Show There...

If you missed the news that Rachel Ray is launching a line of dog food, with a feline mix in the works, then you probably have a life that resembles some sort of world where FoodTV isn't your only source of headlines. (Or, you don't read the DI — shame!)

But on Gallery of the Absurd, the web page of the artist who calls herself "14," things get quite a bit creepier. 14 mocks a few other celebrity chefs with fake pet meals:

In addition to 14's proposed chick'n and dumplins, Paula Deen plans to introduce a deep fat fried doggie biscuit, rolled in 3 pounds of bacon, drizzled with melted butter and then dusted with 2 bags of powdered sugar and garnished with a Krispy Kreme donut.

So, what's your take? Have celebrity chefs gone too far? Or, by the time I'm nearing a mid-life crisis, will my beloved FoodTV have succumbed to shows like "Creatures' Chow with Ina Garten" or "Throwdown, then Sit, Roll Over, and Fetch, with Bobby Flay?"


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