Sunday, May 3, 2009

So this one time Bono interviewed George Clooney and they were both naked…

Wait sorry, that was just a dream I had last night. But the famous U2 front-man really did interview George Clooney — though they were both unfortunately clad in, well, clothes. George nabbed a spot on Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential” thanks to his large humanitarian heart and his work in Darfur. Bono, though an advocate for curing AIDS through the RED campaign and the ONE campaign, sadly did not make the list. I’m chalking that up to his narcissism, though let’s be honest, he’s Bono, and he’s allowed to be as self-centered as he damn well pleases.
In any case, Bono sat down with George to interview him in a special hosted by hottie Anderson Cooper and the CNN crew. They talked fame, politics, Darfur, and George’s hotness making him sexiest man on earth twice. The whole interview can be found right here…

…but for those who don’t want to sit through a 40 minute interview (It’s worth it, just watch it) here’s a rundown.
:38 seconds in George declares Pitt a “two-timer.” I mean, George, he did allegedly cheat on Jen with Angie while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith…oh, he meant Pitt made the world’s sexiest man list twice. And I thought we were getting some secret information!
:50 seconds in Bono and George discuss Bono’s inability to earn a spot on the sexiest man list and George’s goal to make the AARP sexiest man list. What a sense of humor!
1:30 in George confesses to sleeping with New York Times columnist Nick Kristof.
2:47 in George and Bono speak highly of journalists and admit their jealousy. Both would have become journalists had they not become celebrities. So for those people who make it big in the journalism field, George Clooney and Bono want to be you.
5:20 in Bono makes fun of George for being unmarried and turning 50 soon. Harsh! George, stay single for us girls, please.
11:30 in I think George is wearing combat boots.
12:00 in Things get deep with discussions about genocide, Darfur, and George finding Hollywood talk petty when compared to sitting down with two enemy rebels.
18:00 in George admits that Bono is incredibly well-informed about Bono’s ONE campaign stances and they discuss having to know a lot about their positions on world issues.
21:00 Bono admits having piety while he says George avoids backlash because he doesn’t. It’s OK Bono, you are allowed to think you are your own god. Really.
24:23 in George praises Bono for becoming so involved with Bono’s campaigns that George thinks the U2 front-man “set the bar” high for the rest of those actors who are trying to get involved with issues and make a difference. Go Bono!
26:27 in Bono asks George if he’s going to run for office. Sadly George, though it did cross his mind, says no. If he ran for a government position it would bring my count to two politicians I wouldn’t want to punch in the face.
30:30 in They finally start talking about the climate crisis and trace it to Sudan. It took them a lot longer to hit that then I thought they would. Though I guess it is Bono and George Clooney not Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio.
34:00 in Bono calls George out for his drinking and Irish roots. Yum.
34:55 in Bono lets loose about how glad he is that George doesn’t live in Ireland. I think Bono is afraid that George would have stolen his thunder.
36:55 in They’re talking religion….eek. Bono is known for being extremely religious and George isn’t. Good thing George doesn’t talk about religion or I could foresee some problems…
38:06 in Bono said shit and they bleeped him out.
38:50 in They end by talking about “nipples on a bat suit.” Priceless.
Now boys just take off your shirts and my fantasy will be complete.

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