Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not just an obnoxious redhead

Kathy Griffin is the definition of bat shit, but in the best way possible. She's has no filter, no boundaries, and doesn't let criticism get to her. I fucking love it. The feisty comedienne has pulled so many crazy stunts and has done so many things that made me nearly die laughing. So, I think its only fair to make a list of her top four most memorable moments thus far.

4. "Rat Costume". Remember that time when she dressed up in a rat costume to scare her dogs Chance and Pom Pom? If not, here's a rundown. So Kathy was trying to get her dogs to stay in the yard, so she decided the best way to train the animals (forget invisible fences) was to dress up as a giant rat to scare the crap out of them. If you watch "My Life on the D-List," (or enjoy anything Kathy Griffin) but missed the episode, you need to watch this recap.

Enough said.

3. New Years with Anderson Cooper OK, you can't get funnier than Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin together. I don't think I can describe the beauty of their interactions, so I'll let youtube speak for me.

I know, right?

2. Shopping with Paris Hilton There are a few reasons for why this made the third spot on the list. First, Kathy Griffin thrives off of making fun of Paris. Seriously. She did a horse walk in imitation of the dumb blond in her stand-up once. So tell me, why did she decide to go shopping with her? I don't know. I also don't know why Paris agreed to do it. But she did. Griffin donned a neon pink skirt, a mini-shirt, and a huge-ass bow on her head for their outing. Oh, and she called the paps. But she does that a lot. Usually, I have to change the channel when I see Paris Hilton on TV, but the combination of her with the funny girl glued me to the channel. Watching Paris and Kathy shop at Kitson for clothes Kathy would never wear was priceless. But maybe I just find shit like that amusing.

1. "Suck it, Jesus" This is Kathy Griffin's shining moment. It's exactly why she's so fabulous — she really, really doesn't give a shit. For the 2008 creative arts Emmy's, she won an award for "My Life on the D-List." So, what does Kathy do? She gets up onstage and tells Jesus to suck it. Fabulous. She also nearly got her ass handed to her by Christian groups around the nation because of it. And she didn't care. This chick is my hero.

— Rachael (who wishes she had thought of telling Jesus to suck it)

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