Friday, July 3, 2009

Talk about a crowd...

Despite the persistent rainfall, people turned out in droves for Des Moines' 80/35 rock festival Friday, July 3. With three stages, two horsed officers (...they rode horses...I don't know the correct term for that...) and all of Locust Street lined with tented vendors, folks had their pick of entertainment, whether they purchased a wristband for admission to the main stage (and headlining acts) or not.

Honestly, the people to people-watch were just as entertaining--if not more so--as the musical performances. There were topless women with flower-painted boobs; seriously plastered/seriously stoned hipster-types; bros who just got off of work slugging back beers with their buddies; families with small, rain-drenched and shoeless children; and (of course) us totally normal press folk.

Take, for instance, these beer-slinging pirate dudes. Why were they dressed like pirates? WHY WERE THEY DRESSED LIKE PIRATES?! There were no pirate-themed events. No pirate vendors. Nothing. Just...pirates. But hey, everyone can like rock 'n' roll, right? Even pirates.

Of course, there were the famed topless women, breasts galore covered in body paint in the shape of free-lovin' flowers. Their power to turn head was undeniable. And unsurprising. But damn, girl, wasn't it cold in the rain?

Most of the people attending were just like these concert-goers below. Screaming, drenched, swaying to the music, et cetera. Outlandish sunglasses, plastic bags doubling as raincoats and various tight t-shirts/tight jeans combos dotted--nay, littered--the crowd-scape.

And what do all the pirate people, flower people and people people have in common? They all hit the Locust Street beer-and-burger vendors--or the hummus-veggie-wrap vendor (singular)--and they all rock out with their, um, individual personalities out at 80/35 in Des Moines this holiday weekend.

(Photos courtesy of DI photographer Christy Aumer.)

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