Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ain't Megalomania Grand?

In a Medium two weeks ago, I discussed why Comcast's potential purchase of NBC Universal was a decent business move with horrible repercussions for viewers, namely those of us who like our content free and online. Well, I just read on The Huffington Post that the wheels have been put in motion for this deal to come to fruition. Rather than bitch and moan, I'm going to click over to Hulu and enjoy some free episodes of "Glee" while I can. But before I do, in case you're a confused TV viewer wondering why NBC Universal, Comcast, GE and Vivendi have anything to do with you, I found this gem from "Saturday Night Live," a legendary NBC product (excuse me, program), written by comedy genius Robert Smigel (known to many as the voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog), to detail why big corporation owning huge chunks of the media is a troublesome development. And before you dismiss it, know that NBC only aired the cartoon once and it has been scrubbed from reruns on "E!" and "Comedy Central" (owned by Comcast and Viacom, respectively).

Media-opoly seems to be Comcast's new favorite board game, yes?

--Meryn, who is actually afraid she's going to wake up with the NBC peacock's bloody head in her bed.

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