Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 Tips for the aspiring movie snob

Everyone’s got those select few friends who are very enthusiastic about their movie-watching. You know the type. They take great pride in the fact that they spend their free time watching way more movies than you, and they never want you to forget it. I know you’re probably thinking, “How can I be just like them?” Give these five tips a try, and soon you’ll be snobbing it up with the best of them.

1. Laugh independently

Take great care not to laugh too hard at the scenes that all your friends laugh at. This could suggest that they are just as capable of spotting a good laugh as you are. Instead, try laughing extra hard at parts that may only elicit a small chuckle out of your fellow viewers. This will assert the subtle nuances of your perceptive sense of humor and assure those around you that you are indeed the superior movie aficionado.

2. Name drop, name drop, name drop

If possible, do some research before said movie experience and find the name of a quasi-famous supporting actor in the film with a minor enough role that none of your friends will pay attention to him. That is, until you convince them that they need to be paying attention to him. Proceed to call said actor “the man” at every available opportunity, being as broad as possible so that you don’t end up actually having to explain what places this particular actor above the rest. Make sure to enlighten your uninformed friends about how underrated said actor is and make more vague statements about how he or she “steals the show” from some of the actors with lead roles.

3. Know your audience

When suggesting movies to others, do not under any circumstance recommend a movie if there’s a good chance that they’ve heard of it. This works best if you’re familiar with the person you’re talking to. If this person enjoys action movies, for example, present them with a low-budget tragedy. Make sure to say things like, “I loved it, but it’s probably not for you.” This will show off the breadth of your tastes.

4. Utilize social media

Rotten Tomatoes for Facebook is a great tool for movie snobs. After every movie you watch, pass your judgement on it for all the online community to see. The five-star rating system allows you to be just vague enough that if another movie buff calls you out on one of your ratings, you can simply complain that a ten point system would reflect your opinion much more accurately.

5. Stay up to date

The biggest mistake a music snob can make is falling behind. Just imagine the embarrassment you would feel if one of your less cinematically inclined friends happened to mention an upcoming film that you weren’t aware of. To ensure this never happens, religiously scan upcoming movie lists and watch all the movie trailers you can. With a little hard work, you can enjoy movies better than all your friends.

-Riley Ubben

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