Monday, April 4, 2011

The Best of Banksy

As popular as graffiti art is these days, sometimes it's easy to forget that it's illegal under usual circumstances. When you think about it, that's probably part of it's appeal. Take Banksy, the British graffiti artist whose handiwork can be found all over the globe. He's essentially a wanted criminal, so his identity has to remain anonymous. Having a secret identity hasn't kept him from gaining recognition, however. You might even say that his anonymity has helped make him famous (ironic, much?). Online blogs speculate on his identity, news sources watch out for him at the Oscars, and before you know it he's a legend.

Regardless of what you think of this antihero's hobby, one thing's for sure: the guy's great at what he does. Here's a few of my favorite Banksy tags.

-Riley Ubben


anton said...

That was fo funky kind of drawing. I think government should need to provide space for them.
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veins said...

I have seen all this funny types of drawings. and I really love your art and Its really makes me crazy about the drawing. Thanks for sharing the best of Banksy.