Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fate Wears a Fedora

The other week I went to see The Adjustment Bureau. For months I had seen previews, highly anticipating the new film. The earnest expression in Matt Damon's eyes along with the inspirational background music had me convinced of a life-changing film. To my dismay, Hollywood proved me wrong.

Who controls our fate? That is the question human have been pondering over for years, and that director George Nolfi helps viewers to investigate. It turns out that after centuries of diverse theories we can stop worrying. Middle-aged men with tiny notebooks and stylish fedoras hold that power. Duh.

The film tells the story of David Norris (Damon,) a politician running for the U.S Senate. While practicing a speech in a men's bathroom he unexpectedly meets a dancer named Elise (Emily Blunt.) The two have instant chemistry. The encounter leaves Norris confident enough to present an honest speech. They will never meet again.

Unless of course an angel/ fedora-wearing caseworker just so happens to fall asleep during his shift...

Unlike the trailer, The Adjustment Bureau is more comic than chilling. In the end, it seems as if the characters became tired of the never-ending plot. The little suspense that exists simply disappears. For those wanting a watered down version of Inception, I highly recommend The Adjustment Bureau.

- Laura

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