Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye Galliano

Chic French spectators will have more than elegant Chanel dresses and Jimmy Choo shoes to ponder at during Paris's fashion week. More shocking than the thin runway models is the latest news on Christian Dior's chief designer-John Galliano. According to The New York Times, a recent video showcased him yelling anti-semantic remarks in a Paris bar. He has since been fired from Christian Dior.

Wearing fish tail braids, a top hat, and trench coat, how could one not suspect that Galliano was slightly crazy? While many celebrities have lost respect for the designer (Natalie Portman commented that she would no longer be associated with Galliano) can we deny that his designs were an art all their own?

For his 2010 spring collection, Galliano used a laser lit runway. White balls (Galliano preferred the term "orbs") fell from the ceiling as models walked down the catwalk in flapper dresses and feather hats. The make up contrasted with the girlish garments, as women wore heavy black eye shadow, resembling extras from "Shawn of the Dead." Galliano claimed his vision derived from women in the silent era who were "meeting their technological demise."

Yeah. That's what I instantly thought too...

Called "one of the most influential fashion designers of our time," he often traveled to different countries to gain inspiration. While in Shanghai, he crafted a show that drew influences from the 1960's French new wave era, mixed with modern day Chinese culture.

While the man underneath the slightly creepy top hat is questionable, his clothing is undeniably fascinating to observe.

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