Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hubba hubba

Quick question. Why is our profile picture that of a muscle-head pumping iron? This is the most awesome thing I have seen since discovering LOLCats/I can has cheezburger. (Thanks Jarrett, and anyone else who helped make my life a little more complete)

Currently spinning:
"On Call"- Kings of Leon. Why did it take me so long to discover the soothing sounds of Kings of Leon? Just exactly how much am I totally consumed by my newfound obsession? Survey says, um, totally.
"Polyethylene Part 1 & 2" Radiohead B-side from Leftover Computers
"Soul"- Deluca, Rocco and the Burden
"How it Ends"- DeVotchKa. Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.
"Nosebleed"- Illinois. This track makes me pump my fist in the air and flail my limbs around in a lame hipster attempt to dance.

On that embarrassing note, I'm off to the gym to pump iron like my studly hero in our photo. Muah, mi amor.


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