Tuesday, January 29, 2008

let me grab my walker...

Hi, I'm Anna, and tonight I'll be playing the part of your grandma. I've been listening to Gershwin almost all day and YouTubing Fred Astaire dance sequences.

My personal favorite lately, though, was probably inspired by Mickey Rooney's tiny, ancient little self dutifully trotting out for this weekend's Screen Actors' Guild awards. Here's a clip from Babes on Broadway, one of the many sickeningly cute movies Rooney made with Judy Garland early on in both their careers.

Seriously? Precious. Maybe I need to brush up on my singing skills...not that guys can really hear me over the din of Field House anyway. A girl can dream.

-Anna, who in case you can't tell, is coming off a wicked Match.com commercial romance high.

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