Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom or Dancing Diva - can Kate be both?

Last night was the premiere of the newest season of Dancing with the Stars. Although I am not religious about watching this show, there were a few people who I thought would be interesting to see attempt to dance their hearts out.

Kate Gosselin is one contestant that I found impressive to be on the show. Maybe impressive is not the right word, crazy might be more like it. Yes, she has gone through a really rough time in the past couple years. Yes, she has a lot on her plate with books, and appearances, and an asshole of an ex-husband. And yes, she has 8 kids!
I am simply amazed about where Gosselin finds the time to participate in a competition that requires such rigorous training. She had a quasi-dance studio built in the basement of her home to train for the show, in order to be accessible to her kids. This seems like a good idea, but I don't think it would be easy to learn the Viennese Waltz or the Cha-Cha with 8 kids running circles around you. As a single mother of 8, it seems like there is a better allocation of her time than proving to television audien
ces that she has hot dance moves.

Don't get me wrong, Kate looks great lately. Without the trail of ducklings behind her, one wouldn't be able to tell by her appearance that she is a mother. Nonetheless, I think Kate Gosselin peaked as a frumpy mom who was carrying six fetuses. At this time, she and her then caring husband worked together gracefully to bring their babies into a loving family. Things in her life have turned a 180 since then.

On the show last night, Kate proved that this gig might be a bit too much. In the clips from rehearsal, she looked like she was far from enjoying herself. Her performance lacked enthusiasm and energy, despite her hunky partner. The judges were kind in reaction to her effort, but not so much to her ability. It doesn't look like she will be a hit for long on the show.

-by Hannah Kramer

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