Monday, March 1, 2010

Jenni is back on the Block!

For the latter part of the decade, it seemed that Jennifer Lopez had fallen from the face of the entertainment industry. After ruling the radio waves and movie screens in the from 1999 till 2004, a lot has happened to the Puerto Rican bombshell from Queens NYC. Marriage, two kids, and well, age. Though the multitalented entertainer has released a string of new song collaborations with other Latin artists such as Miami-Based, Pitbull.

But the fans didn't come back and a younger generation of listeners cant recollect well on her past hits that were staples in the late 90's and 2000's. What's worse is that Jennifer was recently (reportedly) dropped from Sony Records subsidiary label Epic Records in late February. The nice version is to say that her conract was up. But we all know that Jenni from the block has lost some of her luster.

It all seemed to be tumbling down for the music giant, who was a pioneer during the Latin explosion in the late 90's, until last week when she got all of her mojo back. And boy did she.

Last weekend, Lopez hosted and headlined Saturday Night Live. The show was widely regarded by critics as a make or break move for the entertainer. Fortunately (or, not, for some) Jenni killed both in the skits and in her musical performances. Impersonating Rihanna, a Telemundo Winter Olympics broadcaster and a telethon singer, Jenni put on a show that no one thought possible. Unlike her awful movies, this time she was ACTUALLY funny. My favorite was the Telemundo skit.

SNL has been known to give new life to struggling A and B list celebrities, but this might lead to a new major breakthrough for the girl that stayed in her mansion and off the entertainment block for a while. We might see more of her or we might not. These days, no one can tell. All I can say is that she did a great job and should be allowed to return to glory.

If she doesn't? Well she's still very rich.
But if she does, lets pray that she act or produce in anymore wretchedly terrible movies.

Of course, that probably wont happen. And we know it.

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