Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TV Tuesday

I love Tuesdays. Tuesday could possibly be the best TV day of the week, just saying. Not only is American Idol on tonight, but for those of you who don't know the wonderful world of the CW, 90210 returned tonight.

This is the last week for the girls to impress the judges, and more importantly, the American viewers. After this week, it will go to the Top 12-- six girls and six guys. But, as the previous two weeks, two guys and two girls will be sent home. So, as Simon said, this would be the worst week to go home. As you all know-- or should know-- Kelly Clarkson is my favorite artist. So, when Katie Stevens, one of my favorite girls of the season, started the show with Kelly's song "Breakway" I was excited. But only to be let down a little. It was an okay version of it. Katie has gone down a notch or two. Siobhan still scares me. But, putting all my preconceived judgements of her aside, the girl has an amazingly intense voice. Snaps for Siobhan. My sister loved Lacey Brown. Me? Not so much. I'm not a fan of high pitched voices. Sorry, Lace. The Iowa native Katelyn Epperly gave a pretty boring performance. But I still love the tone of her voice. She's still one of my favs. What's it with all of these girls having good voices, but giving boring performances? Didi Benami is the next to fall victim to this trend. Great voice, great song. Boring performance. Show emotion, girls! Another victim of the night-- Paige Miles. Crystal Bowersox made the hour of my life watching this show absolutely worth it. Good song? Check. Good voice? Check. Good performance? CHECK! She was definitely the stand out of the night. "She's ruining Patsy song,"- my roommate on Lilly Scott's performance. I couldn't have said it better myself. Here's the Idol night in summary: Crystal was the best of the night, the rest of the girls need to spice it up.

As for 90210, I've had this date marked and highlighted with stars and sparkles for about three months. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!! Jasper is a freak. It's not fair that he's putting Annie in the situation where she can't break up with him. I've never liked him, and this just adds to it. Dixon upset me when he told Teddy that him and Silver were getting back together. Yes, I like Dixon and Silver together. But I want Silver and Teddy together sooooo bad!!! They both want each other-- stop denying it already. As for the lesbian hookup that's rumored to happen on the show, I'm willing to bed it's Adrianna and Gia. I'm still torn between whether or not I want Liam and Naomi to be together. I found their awkward conversation and "perfect, romantic date" to be a bit comical. And I found Naomi screaming desperate when she showed up to the beach club naked. Ugh, she can be annoying sometimes. Ah! Harry had the best quote of the night. "3 words: WTF?" The best part is-- he's the principal. Called it!! Adrianna and Gia are so going to keep hooking up. And to end it, Jasper sucks.

Here's one last thing I think you should all check out before this fantastic Tuesday ends. It's a song: All I Ever Wanted by Kelly Clarkson. It's currently her new single that was released to radio stations today. It's not the best song on the album, but you should still give it a try! :)

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