Monday, October 29, 2007

Rejoice, Rejoice! Boss is Back!

During his stint playing the Seeger Sessions, Bruce Springsteen brought his energy in full force to the stage and actually made bluegrass look semi-cool. This energy he brought, however, was from years of rocking the blue-collar dream. Strumming his guitar and blowing into his harmonica in his basement into a tape recorder connected him intimately to thousands of fans. Screeching sax and wild key changes from the E Street Band only sealed his fate deeper in the American Rock dynasty.

Then he went bluegrass. It was good. The "Seeger Sessions" brought American folk into the modern scene. And for that America is grateful. But the entire country felt empty without the plaid cutoffs, the gargantuan saxophonist, and stories Bruce told that ended up choreographed to music. It seemed that Bruce had found his niche and was strumming alongside banjos, tubas, and accordions for live.

But the Boss never dies-he just takes a breather.

His new album, "Magic" is self-explanatory.

The same bells, same back-up vocals, and same screaming sax. That's right, you heard right, the E Street Band is back.
"Nebraska"-like Harmonica on the track "Gypsy Biker", "Jungleland"-like piano on "I'll Work For Your Love", and "Badlands"-like unison vocals on "Terry's Song"

It doesn't matter if you lost your job, broke up with your girlfriend, or found out your parents don't love you-Be thankful you were alive to see the Renaissance of the Boss

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