Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Style has meandered its way into the Heartland

I am no Prada, no Carrie Bradshaw, and certainly no supermodel, but I know style when I see it. And I see it here. Iowa City, by means of acting as a magnet of people from all over the country and the world, has a definitive fashion sensibility. Directly affected by weather and culture, Iowa City sidewalks are adorned with style that reflects the UI population and the community of the town. And so being new to the DI staff, and being a young duck eager to get my hands dirty with initiative and ideals, I suggested (and the staff warmly accepted and encouraged) a weekly column profiling someone who's fashion I believe is not only inventive and awe-worthy, but that is also tres Iowa City. This weeks first victim:

Frannie Owens, 22, Art student, Graduating this summer – picture taken on Washington St.

Do you have a style mantra or something that directs your dress?
If it’s clean, I’ll wear it.

What is your favorite item of clothing?

My Cheap Monday raw denim pants.

Do you shop in Iowa City ever?

No. Online.

The interview was brief (she was in the middle of many errands she told me), but I love the look. Lots of prints and ideas are connected by a similar color scheme that is succinct and cohesive. The look is feminine and utilitarian and it works.

So, there it is. Comments, suggestions, and praises (if you could be so kind) to this baby-of-a-column would be so very greatly appreciated. Look for Frannie's printed profile this Thursday in 80 Hours.

Peace out, mes petits fashionistas.

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CrissAngel=Jesus said...

I don't want to be mean, but if your column is about finding and interviewing people about their fashion sense shouldn't you find a person with a sense of fashion and who can answer more than three basic questions I already knew the answers to by the picture? Find some hotties with an actual sense of fashion, this is IC after all.