Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer in the City

Ok I know, horribly kitchy title, but it's the best I got. It has been a long, long week as we all know but it seems that relief is finally making its way to our sleepy little town. One of the greatest losses, I feel, incurred through the flood is that what was once green and flush is now brown and mush. We have lost our summer color. However (oh, there's always an "however" is there not?), we can bring some of that lost vibrancy back into everyone's lives via our clothing.

Courtney Lyn Clarke, 22, Recent graduate in 3-D Design and Art History, sets the most high of examples in how to bring effervescence to a subtle style.

How would you describe your style?
Japanese Nantucket.

What are you doing out walking at 9:00pm on a Wednesday?

I’m walking to a friend’s house. But shouldn’t I be asking you the same?

Good point. I’m working though, for the DI. Do you guys have similar styles?

Sorta. She’s cool. But she’s more Nantucket than Japanese. It’s like she’s a hipster from the Hamptons.

What’s the story behind the clip?
I bought it at Artifacts and it’s awesome. It was made in Montana and made by Indians. And I thought it was Cowgirl-Harajuku.

Do you have a favorite designer or artist?

Oh God. Oh, I really like Maria Filo. It was just this little shop I found in Rio. It’s more ready-to-wear.

What do you think of the flood?

It’s awesome. It gives me a rush. Tornado, earthquake, fire, flood. I’ve survived all four in the past three years in Iowa City.

Through bold colors and strong contrasts in solids, her outfit is attention-grabbing but classy. Fun and also practical accessories make her look whimsical and youthful, without looking like she's a mannequin from the Juniors Department. Not only that, Courtney's personality shined not only through her clothes but also through the interview. She was composed but light-hearted- what every girl should strive for.

So, keep it light, keep it fresh, and always keep it you. Love to you all. Hope to see you soon.


p.s. 9 and 1/2 weeks is an awesome movie- hyper-sexualized 80s gold.

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