Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gimme Cover

I am sorry I am not sorry that I always begin my posts with a lolcat. Personally, I just don't get people who don't get it. Whatevsies. On to the fun!

I set aside my blog about "Top 10 songs for the Deluge of 2008" to think about something a little more pertinent to my interests. Also I am sick of trying to figure out how to get out of Iowa City from my apartment without drowning. It's hopeless. So I promised a list of best covers a few months back, and I've been hoarding them ever since, scoping out top 100 lists and friends' iTunes for weeks. It's been a long and arduous task, but I am committed to this list. (I wish I could also make a list of my favorite songs that have been covered. "Zombie" by the Cranberries would be right at the top.) These aren't the best. These are just my faves. I promised. I delivered. Bam kazow in yo teeth.

Hot covers (for a hot humid muggy mosquito day):

1. Bamboo Banga, M.I.A. (Modern Lovers cover, seriously doctored to cool status)
2. Tainted Love, Marilyn Manson (Ed Cobb cover covered/made famous by Soft Cell and many others)
3. Exit Music (for a film), Vampire Weekend (Radiohead cover, duh. I'm not a VW fan in general (probably one of the few admitting it) but this is a sick cover. They managed to screw up the 2:50 swell. i.d.i.o.t.s. oh well.)
4. Personal Jesus, Marilyn Manson (Depeche Mode cover, also see Johnny Cash's version. glorious.)
5. I Am The Walrus, Bono and the Secret Machines (Beatles cover)
6. Teardrop, Jose Gonzalez (Massive Attack cover)
7. I Want Candy, White Williams (This is single handedly the most covered song in the history of music, according to me. oh wellz, because this one's still got my vote)
8. The Man Who Sold The World, Nirvana (David Bowie cover)
9. Sweet Dreams, Marilyn Manson (Eurythmics cover. I know it looks like I listen to a lot of Marilyn, but these are the only 3 songs I have by him. I promise.)
10. Seven Nation Army, The Flaming Lips (White Stripes cover! sirens galore! weeeeee!)
11. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Cat Power (Rolling Stones cover. Cat Power's album The Covers Record is phenomenal in general.)
12. All Along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan cover. Everyone covers this one as well.)
13. Born to Run, K-OS (Bruce Springsteen cover)
14. Dear Prudence, Siouxsie and the Banshees (Beatles cover)
15. God Only Knows, Petra Haden (Beach Boys cover)
16. Higher Ground, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Stevie Wonder cover)
17. Heartbeats, Jose Gonzalez (The Knife cover. Jose has the Midas touch. I kid you not.)
18. I Think We're Alone, Girls Aloud (Tommy James and the Shondells cover)
19. The Chauffeur, Deftones (Duran Duran cover. This is such an amazing b-side.)
20. World in My Eyes, The Cure (Depeche Mode cover)
21. Within You Without You, Sonic Youth (Beatles cover)
22. Superstar, Sonic Youth (Carpenters cover. I realize it is impossible to match Karen Carpenter's glassy voice, but this is a fine fine cover- also on the Juno soundtrack.)
23. Psycho Killer, James Hall (Talking Heads cover)
24. Because the Night, 10000 Maniacs (Patti Smith cover. incredible how much their voices sound alike!)
25. Love will Tear us Apart, Susanna the Magical Orchestra (Joy Division cover. again, hard to beat, but it gets the originality points.)

Bam kazow in Yo Teeth. Feel free to leave a nasty comment about some awesome cover I left out of my list.

Stay Hot. Be Cool.

P.S. Best lyric of the week? Young Jeezy, "Put On"
"Passenger's a redbone, her weeve look like some curly fries /
Inside fish sticks, outside tartar sauce /
Pocket full of celery, imagine what she tellin me /
Blowin on asparagus, the realest shit I ever smoked /
Ridin to that Trap or Die, the realest shit I ever wrote /
They know I got that broccoli, so I keep that glock with me."

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