Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Lonely Island Boys Rock My World

Hey, DI Arts staff fans and friends. Meryn's here to write the sequel to last year's "Why I Love Andy Samberg" post. It goes something like this: Jorma Taccone is the cutest guy alive. Andy, Jorma, and their friend Akiva Schaeffer, founded the Internet film comedy group The Lonely Island. These guys found themselves on Saturday Night Live soon after, Andy as a performer and Jorma and Akiva as writers. Together, they took the show into the 21st Century with the groundbreaking Digital Shorts; legitimizing YouTube with the sensational "Lazy Sunday." Not all the Digital Shorts are hits, but the ones with music tend to score with viewers. Now, the Digital Shorts are a must-see feature on SNL, and the subject of frequent Monday morning office chatter. SNL's Digital Shorts, with original music often composed by nerdish sex bomb Jorma, are also a hot spot for big names like Justin Timberlake (in the insta-classic "Dick in a Box"), as well as Jake Gyllenhaal Maroon 5's Adam Levine (in "Iran So Far Away," a tribute to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's trip to NYC).

Imagine my glee this past Saturday when I turned to the Peacock Network and saw this:

Yes, and the hottie rapping alongside Andy Samberg is Jorma Taccone. (I know, right?) He's also in Samberg's film, Hot Rod, directed by Akiva Schaeffer (who cameos in this Digital Short as the DJ). Molly Sims, Jamie Lynn-Sigler and none other than Mr. Timberlake round out the cast of my favorite Digital Short of this season. Please enjoy.

-Meryn, who is eternally bummed out to discover that Jorma Taccone is happily married.

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