Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random Goodness

First random thing:

Next Nature reports:
Nanotechnology isn’t just protecting your food - it’s in your food. Scientists are manufacturing nano-sized vitamins that are easier for our bodies to absorb. In the future they hope to create ‘interactive’ food - food and drink that could change color, flavor or nutrients on demand.

Meanwhile, top chef Heston Blumenthal is dreaming of Willy Wonka style sweets, with three different tastes in one. Supported by the University of Nottingham, he’s even employed a research student who will investigate how nanotechnology could improve foods’ flavour.

Unfortunately, we're no where close to building functional nanobots like the one pictured. But it is a pretty sweet picture. I suppose that's why Next Nature included it in their post.

Second random thing:

(Via Brand Flakes for Breakfast.)

Third random thing:

(Via Inspire me, now!)

Consider me inspired. To do what exactly, I don't know.

Fourth and final random thing:

(Via Boing Boing.)

Beware of snowmen with mustaches, I guess.

That is all.

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