Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beef...it's what's for dinner.

there are a few beefs that have been going on within the media, and i'd like to address them.

this tiff began when Meghan McCain, senator John McCain's daughter, criticized the outrageously bitchy and coldhearted Ann Coulter (who thinks that all jews are awful because they aren't christians and should be "cleansed," and that the widows of 9/11 are too needy, and that they receiving too much money from the government). Coulter herself did not respond, which is somewhat strange because she always seems like a cougar who is always ready to pounce and always ready for some publicity. In her place, however, Laura Ingraham defended Coulter on her radio show (click here for the transcript) by mimicking Meghan by assuming a "valley girl" tone of voice and basically calling her a fat-ass. Meghan responded by writing on her blog and said she embraces her curves and that Laura can kiss her fat ass. She also went on the view yesterday:

i gotta say: i'm with meghan. while i disagree with her politics, i fully support her on this. attacking a person's weight instead of engaging in a (possibly) productive debate is a low blow, not to mention how such comments reinforce unrealistic expectations of how women are supposed to look. shame on you, ingraham.

beef numero dos: JOHN STEWART VS. JIM CRAMER
this one is a little more complicated because it involves money. I do not watch Jim Cramer's show, "Mad Money," but from what I understand it explains stocks and investments. With regard to the recent and complete collapse of our economy, John Stewart brought Cramer on his show and criticized Cramer for making himself out to be a "know-it-all" about money, and convincing the public into believing falsities about the economy and as a result, contributing to the downfall of our monetary system. see stewart's frustration here:
i love stewart so much, so i'm in his corner here. for whatever reason, it seems like cramer's advice hasn't changed to reflect the poor state of our economy. as a result, it is almost like he's gotten too attached to being the "go-to guy," and enjoys what it feels like to be relied on for his opinion. i applaud stewart for calling cramer out on his mistakes. there are many, many people who are hurting in our country right now.

this beef doesn't really have a right or wrong answer. mattel is releasing a new dora the explorer doll, where dora is a pre-teen. parents are really upset because apparently this pre-teen dora looks too much like a hussy. decide for yourself.

old dora:

new dora:

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