Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have several questions about Britney Spears' new video for "If You Seek Amy."

question numero uno: okay, so the beginning premise of the video isn't anything new to us - party runs late, people are sleeping off their vodka, clothes are scattered. i get that part. what i don't get is why britney would grab some random pair of panties on the floor and almost eat them. they aren't cheetos, cigarettes or vodka, so i don't understand why she would be touching them. and don't try and tell me that they must be her panties, because we all know she doesn't wear any.

question numero dos: why would britney not be able to leave the hotel without amy? does amy have the key to the home of chester the cheetah? we all know brit has a car and spokesbitches with cars too, so she doesn't need "to be taken home." also, the part where she sings, "i've seen her once or twice before, she knows my face," is baloney - EVERYBODY knows what brit brit looks like. (maybe i have more problems with the lyrics than the video itself.)

question numero tres: if she's so eager to get home, why would she break into a lame-ass dance outside the hotel? (nope, i have a problem with the video)

question numero cuatro: where was the choreographer during this video? britney just shakes her tatas, touches her arms, tosses her FAKE blonde hair around, swings her arms around in 90 degree angles, puts on a pair of stockings and we are supposed to believe she's dancing? no sir.

question numero cinco: why wasn't the end part (where britney is the waspy mom and wife who BAKES FOR SOMEONE ELSE) the original premise of the video? it would have made more sense. she's reformed and conservative on the outside and everyone criticizes her for being so "tightly wound," but everyone still wants to "if you see k" her. 

i will acknowledge that the song is catchy beyond catchy. but "womanizer" is a much better video because it has a logical concept and uses its 3 minutes wisely. this video doesn't do anything for us because it changes direction midway through. it seems to me like the director here is trying to show how he's going to cool parties in hotel rooms where nobody wears panties, one chick has gone missing and we're incredible losers because we weren't invited.

on a final note about the conservative britney at the end - it reminds me of that pepsi commercial she did that spans 50 years. that commercial reminded me of this pepsi commercial, where she's the britney that i love. and i'm a diet coke person!

i also loved that pepsi commercial with britney, beyonce and pink, even though britney was CLEARLY the weakest gladiator.

BOTH of these pepsi commercials are stellar. britney needs to look over her other videos and correct this "ef u see k ing" mistake.

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