Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple: It really is like 1984

An important speech was given yesterday...and then President Obama spoke later that night. Yes, the man who took the bite out of the apple, Steve Jobs spoke yesterday giving millions insights as to how they could drop another $400 dollars for what they pretty much already own.

It's amazing how Apple has gone from the computers that were only in our elementary schools lab, to being in every hipsters messenger bag and their iPods in everyone's pocket and being able to charge a minimum of $1200 for a desktop computer. Furthermore, almost all of the great software they put out is buy Apple and they leave very little room for creativity that doesn't flow with their mentality, they don't give the user much options from in compatibility. If you've seen Ridley Scott's excellent Apple commercial from 1984, you know this is a far cry from what they were originally marketed as:

The Simpsons hilarious take on the Apple of today:

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to install iTunes 9.

-by Tyler Lyon

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