Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These United States turns me into Zack Morris


Do you remember that Saved by the Bell where Zack, Slater, and Screech jam on brooms in their underwear in the living room? Well, indie-rockers These United States need to use that idea for their next music video. Only a few tracks in, I was on top of my coffee table in my living room — in my underwear and sunglasses.

The groups third studio release, Everything Touches Everything, is classic TUS. Carrying a poppy and punchy groove, the album bleeds rock 'n' roll. The title track bounces as lead singer Jesse Elliot sings "this song is smashing everything" as a choir of "oh's" echo behind him, and makes 22 year olds everywhere jump.

One of the strongest parts of the album is the youthful, fresh sound. These United States has not fallen into monotony or indie-rock stereotypes, which is impressive considering this is their third release. The band is still managing to pump out new, and impressive material, which not only shows maturity in musicianship, but as artists.

A local favorite — with Iowa City roots — delivers. Give me a broom, I'll take off my pants, and let's dance.

**** out of *****

-Eric S.

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