Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You Make Me Say (You're an Asshole)

So I guess I'm a little late with the discovery of the song "I Make Her Say (Poke Her Face)" By Kid CuDi... But that's probably for the best, seeing as I am so thoroughly disgusted by the song that I lost concentration from my enticing ICON reading.

This is probably the worst that comes to mind since Lil Wayne's "Lollipop"
OMG, Kid CuDi: You're just way too cool with your ironic plastic Burger King Watch and your carcinogens!

I guess I should count on this blatantly misogynist swine to continue polluting the radio airways? Yeah I'm sure the radio version is a 'clean version', but the intimations are clear.
Just an example of the Cudi's infinitely eloquent flow:
"And fuck them otha bitches cuz she down for the trickin
I'm hoping she a rider
When it's said and done she will spit it up and swallow"
...a 21st century Lothario!

The second thing that struck me about the 'song' was its utter lack of creativity. Rappers have been borrowing from rap since the dawn of time (30 years ago), but I feel like this song has exemplified that it's gotten out of hand. Besides the obvious sample from Lady Gaga, I caught references from T.I., whoever sings that 'blame it on the alcohol' song (another beast), Kid CuDi himself, Asher Roth, and a failure of a VH-1 reality series.

I was really disappointed with the collaborative efforts of both Kanye and Common on this track, two rappers that,although no saints themselves, I consider very talented and more conscious than others--Common aims to prove that very point in the song with the suave lines:
"But they say you be on the conscious tip
get your head right and get up on this conscious dick"
Lyrical master.

The video itself is not of the expected scantily clad women participating in some barnyard apple-bobbing festival while CuDi smokes a cigar or something... but some attempt at artsiness, with double screen shots and balloons. Does this compensate? Answer (No).

Embedding of all "Poke Her Face" videos were 'disabled by request' (wonder why?) But can be viewed here.

Phew, after all that you must be exhausted and angry! Here's a little something to cheer you up:
^be sure to read about her in the DI tomorrow ;)

-By Bri LaPelusa

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