Friday, April 17, 2009

are we being punked?

BIG twitter news today. and being the twater that I am, I've got to blog about it.

Ashton Kutcher is being followed by more than 1 million people on twitter. have you fallen out of your chair yet? do you have lockjaw from opening your mouth too large out of sheer shock? are you reading these questions in your head with the appropriate high tone of voice so as to reflect that i'm asking you these questions? are you sick of it?

well i'm sick of twitter.

Ashton had a little competition between himself and CNN. the goal was to have more than 1 million followers by this morning, and CNN lost to the iowa native by less than 1,200 followers. however, i must address the fact that both the winner and the loser are donating mosquito nets to the "malaria no more fund," which provides people living in africa with protective nets they can place over their beds so they don't get bitten while they sleep. so...good cause.

now that the frenzy has ended, i have to ask....WHY IS TWITTER STILL AROUND? it isn't food, it's not money, and you can't have sex with why is it popular? i haven't had this hard a time understanding a concept since doing proofs in 10th grade math (and mrs. von stein can tell you how well that analogy works.)

here is ashton "challenging" cnn to a twitter-off. i hate myself for typing that.

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