Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Favorite Singer

Everyone knows that the creator of the Office, Ricky Gervais, is a very talented and funny guy, but I'd like to shine some light on his singing ability. Evidently the pudgy Englishman was in a 1980's band called Seona Dancing, and even sported one of those creepy haircuts with bangs hanging low, but with the sides gelled up. Here is the video of Seona Dancing, I could hardly recognize that it was Gervais, but his voice makes it apparent.

In the Office, Gervais character, David Brent, never shies away from an opportunity show off his music talents. In my favorite episode, and maybe the funniest 1/2 of anything every recorded in the history of man, Brent reveals to his employees that he used to be in a band, and he drives home to grab his guitar to prove it to them. The result is "Freelove Freeway."

"Racial" Brent singing the song paints the ultimate character portrait for nearly ever character in the show, and while the song is obviously funny, Gervais's voice is actually pretty good and has a fantastic range. Scenes like this in the English Office version, adds a more confident side to Gervais's character, that is lacking in Steve Carrell's adaptation in Michael Scott.

Gervais shows off his voice again playing Brent when signing "If You Don't Know Me By Now." It's his play on a romantic song, and the looks he gives the camera are priceless.

Now I'm just waiting for Gervais to put out a musical comedy CD, although I'm getting my fill on him through his podcast. Although he is pretty well-known in America, it blows my mind that he isn't a household name like Steve Carrell, but on second thought I don't want him to ruin his reputation by doing some as horrible like Carrell did in Evan Almighty.
- Dan Watson

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