Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daisy of Love: The Tell-All Interview

Last December, I had the opportunity to interview Daisy de la Hoya, Bret Michael's final reject on "Rock of Love" Season 2. Ms. de la Hoya will be starring in her own dating show, "Daisy of Love," set to premiere tomorrow night on VH1. What follows is my (mostly) unedited interview with the reality TV starlet (Note: I had to edit some parts for sheer readability- there were times- as noted by the ellipsis- when Daisy started rambling and made no sense).

Melea: So what have you been up to since “Rock of Love?”

Daisy de la Hoya: I’ve been traveling the country, hosting parties and events, and getting to know my fans. Pretty much just partying has been my full time jobs…doing some charity events and working on music and I’m actually writing a book about my life.”

M: Are you excited for “Daisy of Love?”

D: I’ve very, very, very excited. But I’m very, very nervous though too.”

M: Why are you nervous?

D: I’m just nervous because I’m interested to see what kind of guys show up….I always just think that no guys are gonna want to apply for the show. So it’s kind of a scary thing, but I’m super, super excited and I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.

M: What type of guy would it take to win your heart?

D: They definitely have to be fun and funny and sincere. I definitely go for the bad boys. I want someone who’s romantic and willing think outside the box.

M: What was your reaction when Vh1 offered you your own reality show?

D: It was sort of a shock. I figure, why not? What better way to find someone when you can just have Vh1 go scout the country for you and bring 20 guys to you and be like ok. Then you can boss ‘em around and make them do things for you. I’ve never had that experience with guys before- to have them cater to me and woo over me and fight over me. What girl wouldn’t want that? Or guy even?

M: Do you honestly think you can find love on “Daisy of Love?”

D: I’m a very monogamous person and very loyal. Usually when I’m in a relationship, it goes for a long time, as long as it can last. That’s just how I’ve always worked. Before Rock of Love, I was in a 6 year relationship and before that I was in a 3 year relationship. So this is kind of a new thing for me- dating. It’s a new experience for me. But whoever I end up ultimately choosing in the end it will be geared to be a long lasting, monogamous thing because that’s how I work. I’m definitely in to find the right person and I’m definitely a romantic.

M: What would it take to win “Daisy of Love?”

D: There’s a lot of aspects, the right chemistry, do they fit into my life and I fit into their life, and are we compatible in different ways. I’m not really the type that you have to buy me presents and take me out and romance me, those are just things that are nice- that are the frosting- but I’m looking for something deeper than that.

M: Why did you decide to search for love on national TV?

D: At that point in my life, I was sort of ready for something different, to try different things. I was in an exploratory part of my life, especially when it comes to guys. I never really had that opportunity. Most people usually do that kind of stuff in their late teens, early twenties and I never really got to experience that.

M: Was it weird to date Bret alongside 20 other girls?

D: I didn’t really see it as we were all dating him, in a sense. It was a situation if it things got more compatible then it was leading to now we can go to the real world to see if we can make things work. And obviously I didn’t get that chance, which is unfortunate. But I did have a lot of fun and now I get to have that chance to explore other people, and hopefully I’ll find someone who’s rad.

M: Was it hard living in a house full of your compeition?

D: I’m definitely more of a girl that gets along better with boys than I do with girls. I’m not into fighting or being catty…I hoped people wouldn’t be mean to me or gang up on me….I think it was awesome, it could have been worse. It could have been like, real worse. The best part about it was we got to share their clothes and use makeup!

M: Why do you think you received so much criticism for “Rock of Love?”

D: I didn’t ever really think about the fact that people are going to say bad things about you and criticize you and be negative to you. And that came as a shock…but at the same time, it makes me want to work harder…There’s people out there that definitely don’t like me, but I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone.

M: Do you feel that your portrayal on “Rock of Love” was accurate?

D: I feel that it was pretty close to who I am. I’m a crazy, quirky, funny, bubbly, spunky girl who likes to have fun. But there are times where maybe a lot of people thought I wasn’t smart or articulate with my words, but that’s just because I’m the type of person I have a lot going on in my brain….I’m more of a thinker than a speaker…I think I was who I was and I gave them things to work with. Some people might get upset-‘Oh, they portrayed me a certain way’- but at the same time, you give the producer those things to work with. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of most people, in my opinion.”

M: And what do you say to those people who get upset about their portrayal?

D: Being on a reality show, you become who want to become. And the producers…if you are acting crazy, they’re gonna tape that and they’re gonna spin it and they’re gonna make it look worse or whatever, but at the same time, you gave them that. Whatever you do, they magnify it.

M: How do you respond to the accusation that the women on reality TV represent negative and damning stereotypes for women at large?

D: In my opinion, it’s just those individual girls who are choosing to react that way…Each individual is gonna portray themselves the way that they want to portray themselves.

M: Do you watch reality TV?

D: I think the shows are really funny to watch…Everyone wants to see what that person’s really like. I’m a fan of a lot of reality shows, I think they’re interesting and fun and funny. And I feel very lucky that Vh1 came to me and said, “We think and people think you’re awesome enough that we want to do a reality show based around finding love.”

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