Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conan O' Brien Takes Over Part II: The First Show

Last night marked the premiere of "The Tonight Show with Conan O' Brien" and although it did not show Conan at his funniest, it still was a good transition to the 10:35PM Central time slot.

Everyone knows that Conan is a late-night balla and fans of the old show who feared him changing up his shtick have nothing to worry about. The majority of the show was filled with L.A. jokes and pre-recorded bits delivered in the classic Conan tradition.

Just check out the intro clip from the show.

Some critics stated that Conan seemed awkward in the new studio, but I don't think it was anything that took away from the show. I would be nervous too if I was going to take over a show where many people thought that I was destined to screw up (as Will Ferrell later joked in the show).

Will Ferrell was OK as the first guest, but nothing overly amazing was said. As mentioned Conan stood out most during the pre-recorded bits, such as when he took over as a tram tour guide.

Overall Conan's debut on "The Tonight Show" was an enjoyable and fairly safe transition. I look forward to watching the next few episodes to see Conan get into his full-on Cone-Zone hilarity.

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