Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was about to go to bed, when I saw an article mentioning how Alice in Chains released the single "A Looking View" on iTunes and Amazon.

For those not in the know, Alice In Chains' last self-titled album was released in 1995. The band split due to Layne Staley's increasing drug problem, which ultimately led up to Staley's death.

14 years later, the band is back together with vocalist William Duvall and planning on releasing the new album Black Gives Way to Blue.

So how is the first single from the band after all these years?

Fuckin' brilliant.

The seven minute track opens with one of the band's heaviest riffs ever. Alice In Chains has always been a darker band after releasing Dirt, but this is a whole new beast.

William Duvall comes in sounding eerily like Layne Staley.

"Hear footsteps creak the floor/the shadows give away/someone outside the door/won't let him in"

More heavy guitars from Jerry Cantrell and some powerful drumming and bass from Sean Kinney and Mike Inez.

Soon Cantrell is delivering his signature backing vocals, which sound as good as ever. Cantrell is one of the most criminally underrated guitar players of the 90's. I would argue he blows Kurt Cobain out of the water.

The chorus is catchy and there are loads more vocal harmonies throughout the song.

Words cannot describe how awesome this track is. Check it out for yourselves! Video will be released sometime soon. I'll put it up on the blog as soon as it is.

Alice in Chains is back! Layne Staley would be proud.

UPDATE: Check out the song below now. You can also listen on aliceinchains.com.

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Jarrett C. Hothan said...

it isn't even alice n chains