Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Up, Cutest Thing....Ever

Hi all,

Last Saturday, I attended the matinee of Disney and Pixar's newest love child, "Up." In case you haven't endured the puke-adorable commercials already, here's a taste:

Aside from the really disturbing move from one of the main character's introduction as a young child to her death as an old woman in as little as the first 10-20 minutes, it was pretty freaking adorable. It didn't annoy me like a lot of the computer-generated attempts at entertainment that a lot of studios are putting out (even the commercials make me want to pull an Elvis and shoot my television). On a barely related note, have you seen this?:

Disney's Dirty Little (Victoria's) Secret

Okay, anyway, it's all about dreams and people and family and adorable dogs that have collars that allow their thoughts to be translated into English and spoken through a speaker hugging their jugulars (do dogs have jugulars like humans?). There was a little slapstick, a little cute, and some fabulously recurring lines, like the dogs' interrupting important conversations to stare and cry, "Squirrel!" I know you really wanted to know this, so I'll go ahead and tell you: I had a favorite little stuffed squirrel growing up, which I tried to name "Lucifer," after the cat in Cinderella (oh, yes, Disney was a key element in my youth). My parents, trying to keep Beelsebub (spelling?) out of our home as much as possible, encouraged me to call it "Lucifee." I lost it one day forever, which still makes me sad. That's my squirrel story.

Did you know it was 3D? Neither did I. It was a little 3D, but not a lot. Just a little. Enough to bump our matinee ticket prices up to evening ticket prices. So if you feel like coughing up $9.50 at the Coralville Mall to laugh, cry, and become entranced with the magic (sugar-coated voodoo) that is Disney, then freaking go for it.

I'm willing to overlook the fact that Disney is just about as cultish as it gets for this one. Although I'm sure they'll be injecting advertisements into our childrens' DNA in the next thirty years, I'm willing to give them this one. Let's string up hundreds (thousands?) of balloons to an old man's house and see what happens. And let's give him a pathetic excuse for a boy scout caricature for a companion. After all, it's for the kids....

My experience at Disney World was really horrifying,

Kery Lawson

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Eric said...

Just saw this the other night. I thought it was good, but not exactly what I expected. There were some pretty heavy and depressing moments in it!