Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding Humor in a Realistic Nightmare

I have a newly found appreciation for the humor in the movie "Knocked Up."

Sitting at home, flipping through the channels during my break between classes, I stop
ped on a station playing "Knocked Up." I saw this movie in theaters and was repulsed by the concept of having a child with a stranger, and also, how realistic the portrayal of getting pregnant after a one-night stand is.

It is hard to tell what would be more frightening... finding out you are unexpectedly pregnant, or finding out that the guy who will be the father of your child is a jobless stoner without any motivation besides starting a porn website.

After I took a moment to step back and accept the movie for what it is supposed to be - funny, it was a lot easier for me to enjoy and separate it from reality.

The opposition in Alison and Ben's lives set up innumerable hilarious moments. The high-strung entertainment broadcaster, Alison, is constantly anxious, worried, and fearful of what will happen to her future and her baby's. Ben seems mostly concerned about how he will confront this situation like a man, despite his empty wallet and less than stellar resumé.

As a woman, it would seem that I would sympathize more for Alison in the film, which was true upon my first viewing. After watching it again, Ben's character is more likable than I ever considered. It would have been very easy for him to ditch Allison and leave her without any support in the situation. He actually deals with the opps! and helps Allison along the way.

For any haters out there, I recommend watching the film again. Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan build a relationship with their acting and comedic abilities that make the film relatable, heartwarming, and more than anything - full of laughs.

But really, if you find yourself out to celebrate a promotion, or birthday, or pretty much anything worth celebrating, it might be smart to spare that last shot at the bars. It may be the difference between becoming a parent or maintaining a successful career.

A reminder of what you will find in "Knocked Up"

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