Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not sure I could walk a day in their shoes...

10 Conclusions about the "Teen Mom" Finale:

1. As attractive as Macy's ex-fiance Ryan is, he is not the ideal model of a father. Her heartfelt tears at their appointment to set a schedule for Bentley showed how dedicated she is to her role as a mother. Thumbs up Macy!

2. Gary (Amber's ex-fiance) has earned brownie points in my book every episode this season. I am proud that he grew a pair and stood up to Amber about a schedule for taking care of Leah. Also, the way that he stays calm when Amber freaks out at him is beyond me. I would be tempted to smack that fake tan and eyeliner off of her face as soon as she opened her mouth.

3. Congrats on the weight loss Amber, but you are still trashy.

4. Farrah and her mom aren't fooling anyone with their lovey family hugfest at the end of the episode. Farrah is still a brat and her mom is still a judgmental head case. I guess some things just don't change.

5. Both of the new beaus on the show, Chris - Amber's ex-con boy toy, and Julien - Farrah's hairstyling hottie, are weirdos. Amber's selection doesn't surprise me, she probably loves that this guy told her he wanted to marry her on the first date (creepy). But Farrah, you act like the sun shines out of your you-know-what and you choose to go out with this guy who colored your dull roots. Weird.

6. Tyler and Catelynn may not be the most attractive individuals, but their offspring must have gotten the best of both gene pools. Carly is adorable.

7. Bentley wins best dressed "Teen Mom" tot. His Run DMC shirt was bomb. Classic vintage style for this little guy.

8. Does anyone else find it interesting that the only couple who is still together since the show's original air date is the couple (Tyler and Catelynn) that no longer has their child? My sympathy goes out to Farrah and I can't imagine losing someone you love, especially when you are having a child with him. Props go out to Macy for dumping a loser like Ryan, but she loses a couple points for moving her whole life just for a new boyfriend, like Kyle. Amber needs to be medicated for her psychotic episodes, grow up, and realize that Gary was a good guy for her (he might deserve better though.)

9. I wonder if Farrah knows what her face looks like when she cries. She is a pretty girl, but that face is quite frightening. She should try to warn people before the tears start to flow.

10. I can't believe I am going to admit this, but I was close to tears when Tyler and Catelynn gave Carly the storybook with the audio of their voices. The visit they had with their daughter showed individual maturity in both of them, as well as maturity as a couple. It is clear that they made the right choice to keep Carly out of their houses, which are tainted with cigarette smoke and drug addicts (and I'm not talking about Tyler and Catelynn.)

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