Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reality Music

I like when people make music.

We live in a computer driven world, and our music has changed with it. Advances in recording technology have opened the door for many new genres of music. It’s also given a wider range of people the ability to create on their own, without the cost of hiring a band and studio time. That’s great and all, but my ear still knows what’s real. Computers make sound, but people make music.

Musikmob #09: Rue Royale - "Tell Me When You Go" from Musikmob on Vimeo.

This particular video, shown above, is a small testament to that notion. The band, Rue Royale, is comprised of Brooklyn and Ruth Dekker. The couple began their music career in Chicago following their heart for music. Four years later, they are touring throughout Europe and have played in over 350 shows.

They are a breathe of fresh air.

Rue Royale plays organically. Every song is believable and understood because it’s simplified. It’s just a man with his guitar joining voice with a woman and her percussion- a relationship that evokes emotion in its harmony.

It’s easier to hear the message when it’s simplified. Playing your song backstage in a stair well should be the definition of simplified. It’s a performance where the focus is the music, and the video footage coincides with the nature of the music. Something real, which seems to be hard to find these days.

Although its real in its form, I know there’s nothing especially moving about this video. It's kind of short and uneventful, but it made me smile when I watched it. The smile was genuine, so I thought I’d share it.

-Eric Hawkinson

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