Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Manny don't need no comforting

Music is powerful. It can move you, in more ways than one. It can change your feelings, your thoughts. It can inspire you. This song, "Right Me Up" by State Radio really shows the effect music can have.

State Radio, out of Boston, has special ties to those with handicaps, and disabilities. Lead singer, Chad Stokes, was a councilor at Camp Jaberwockee, a summer camp for the disabled in Massachusetts, when he found the inspiration for this song. He wrote it about one of his campers, Manny Furtado, who despite all his setbacks, still manages to find joy in whatever happens. It's a moving story, a beautiful video, and a great song. I definitely needed to rethink myself after watching.

Sometimes music can put things into perspective. Sometimes we just need to smile at life, like Manny would.

-Eric Hawkinson

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