Saturday, February 16, 2008

Guitar Hero IV/Aerosmith

That's right, you've heard correctly. Guitar Hero IV will strictly be based on the life and times of of the five skinniest and oldest men in rock 'n roll (alright, Iggy, you can be counted too).

According to Keith Richards (Captain Jack Sparrow's dad for all you young 'uns), he came home and saw his kid playing guitar hero. Not only did he dig it, but he was left wondering why there wasn't any wailing guitar from his hits like Sweet Emotion and Janie's Got a Gun.

Instead of getting mad or even, Richards did what any all-time classic rocker would do: strike up a deal. In the interest of their new album and overall record sales, Jagger and the crew will hit Wii, PS 2 & 3, and Xbox in a bold attempt to transcend mediums. Playing as Richards at their first concert all the way up until his 2001 Superbowl performance, gamers will play songs that range from the 70's up until today.

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The Daily Iowan Arts and Culture Blog said...

OK, I don't know who posted this but they should have signed it :)

Oh, and for the record, Keith Richards isn't in Aerosmith. He's in another band that's kind of popular, I think they're called the Rolling Stones...or something like that.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are in Aerosmith though. And they're pretty skinny.