Monday, February 4, 2008

Hot Chip's Staying Hot with Made in the Dark

Four Stars Out of Five Stars

The new wave of electronica dance beats combines squealing computers, synthesizers, electric guitars and distorted vocals. And British rockers Hot Chip inventive pop rock welds all of it together in their latest Made in the Dark.

But by far over any other Brit ban, Hot Chip’s musical layering has become the electro-pop foursome’s signature move along with body rocking club thumping.

Their latest record Made in the Dark hits U.S. stores tomorrow, but was leaked January 18 and has been available for listens on the Clash Magazine Website for the last week.

After having gained much stamina since their 2000 debut, and now having three studio albums including Coming on Strong, released in 2004, The Warning, in 2006 and Made in the Dark to add to the record books, *Hot Chip*’s inventive style makes them a valid listen.

Even before Made in the Dark dropped onto shelves, the 13-song album already claims UK dance music magazine Mixmag’s album of the month in their January 2008 issue.

The album focuses primarily on being dance party friendly with catchy songs like “Ready for the Floor,” which reached the UK’s #6 spot last month.Yet, the group’s greatest triumph is “One Pure Thought,” which combines their pop sensibilities with lyrics that go beyond the typical clubbin’ throw down found in lyrics like “She hit the floor, next thing ya know, shorty got low, low, low."

Instead Hot Chip sandwiches the electric guitar in between repetitive lyrics “I won’t be on my way,” keyboards and synthesizers and the tapping of what sounds like the top of a garbage can.

Without a doubt the title track, “Made in the Dark,” a close second.

The quietly whimsical ballad flows delicately with lyrics like “Since I stole this song we have made a new start/My premonition hits hard as our start is apart/Every night the motion must be fixed by glue/But babe, be careful, what's fixed as one breaks in two”

Hot Chip’s foot-tapping, shoulder-shimmying, catchy-lyric-singing Made in the Dark will have anyone humming along in no time.


Listen to it here!

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