Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i see arizona stars from here

I'm sorry I'm not sorry for all my self-righteous posts lately, but I just have to write about the Dear Jack trailer. Of all my ridiculous crushes, I've fallen hardest for this one. My parasocial relationship with Andrew McMahon, the pianist/singer for Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate, is off the charts. My roommate calls him "McMahonie" whenever she wants to mock my love, which is always (she's just jealous I like him more than her). We look pretty cute together, right?

McMahon performed in Iowa City twice in the past two years with Jack's Mannequin, notably last April as the 10K band. Here's a link to the story I wrote (because, umm, I ruled the Andrew McMahon beat) for The Daily Iowan previewing that concert.

In 2005, McMahon was wrapping up writing his first solo album, Everything In Transit. The CD itself could be considered a product of a personal awakening, but shit really hit the fan when he was diagnosed with leukemia and spent the next year battling the cancer. (Spoiler alert: He's now healthy and got married in December. I know what you're thinking: WHY NOT ME?) The release date is still TBA.

I'm planning a Glass Passenger release party in April.
Wanna come?

XOXO, Susan (not to be confused with Konstantine)

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