Friday, February 29, 2008

Why You Should(n't) Date A Musician

I am giving up my gushing over various lead singers — Andrew McMahon, Nate Reuss, Hayley Williams, Kris Roe, and Ginger Spice — because my quest is over. Done. Finished. Forever.

My love for Damian Kulash, lead singer of OK Go, has risen like a phoenix from from the ashes.

Kulash was my first rock band crush (except for maybe JT or Lance, because yeah, kinda liked him, too). I was 15. I heard "Get Over It" on the radio and I was hooked. I saw OK Go open for the Donnas at a now non-existent venue in Des Moines. Instead of watching the drunk Donnas slur all over the microphone, my BFF Shannon and I opted to monopolize Damian's attention at the side of the stage. It was magic. We both came away with signed skin. (This was pre-digital camera era, so I can't even put up a picture of our cute, little pre-beer tummies).

I later interviewed Kulash on my 16th birthday. My hand was sweating so much that the recorder fell off the phone while my BFF Shannon tried to listen in on the convo (this was also pre-speaker phone days. Yes, I'm a dinosaur). The interview was exhilarating - it was the first "celeb" I ever chatted with. In true high school journalism form, I ran a full page (in our 8-page paper) on OK Go. No newspeg. Lots of pictures. It was glorious. No one knew who he was.

Today, five years and one Grammy-winning treadmill dance later, I chatted once more with Mr. Kulash. This time, for a story to run in The Daily Iowan in April, previewing the band's 10,000 Hours concert - so get your hours done ASAP ya'll. Everything he said was quotable. Seriously. The boy is a graduate of Brown University with a major in semiotics (yeah, I know. Look it up).

The person you love and the person who loves you are never, ever the same person. (Thanks for that uplifting life advice, Chuck Palahniuk). Read in Damian's own words why you shouldn't date him - originally published in ElleGirl. My heart is breaking.


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