Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keeping It Fun in the 2008 Election

The 2008 election is the first time I will ever have voted for a president, and honestly, I'm starting to feel the pressure. It's not that I feel the burden of America's future rests solely on my shoulders, but more that my nervous, anxious nature is causing me to frantically absorb every speech, newscast and political analysis I see in order to determine what my life will be like when the new president steps in, whichever way the polls turn out.

Therefore, I'm truly thankful when television personalities remind me of the lighter side of the election. Taking the election seriously is important, but remembering to relax and laugh will get you through it (or maybe not relax, but just laugh through your distress). Here are a few clips that keep me happy as I press onward through the election coverage:

The Daily Show news team investigates what small town values really mean at the Republican Convention.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler could not have done it better.

(I'm not great at embedding videos, so click the link to watch it on the SNL site.)

I was lucky enough to catch McCain's appearance on Rachael Ray between classes (complete with a "Kiss the Candidate" apron).


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