Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Man, a Paul Sorenson post? I thought that kid went to LA and got beamed up by the scientologists. As I was eagerly awaiting Kanye's performance at Lollapalooza this past summer, I couldn't believe the kind of shit I was hearing from other people surrounding me. Sweeping statements to the effect of, "Did you hear why kanye is performing right now? He said he wouldn't play till everyone else is done." Dude, if you hate on 'Ye so much, why are you watching him? Sure Mr. West is prone to acting the fool in public at times, but he's being turned into this mythic Darth Vader of hip-hop. I guarantee you your favorite indie rock superstar is a fucking dick too. Give Win Butler his cappuccino a few degrees too cold and hell throw it in your face. 

I hearby display exhibit A of why Kanye is a good dude. 

Kanye has his own blog, which I recently discovered thanks to my older sister showing me a video he made for the song "Champion" where puppet Kanye competes in various athletic challenges. 

On the 'Ye blog, he reps cool gadgets (Peter Thuvander's concept for a yo-yo that charges your Iphone in 30 up-downs), Hot clothing lines (BBlessing fall line), Hotter women, Obama, songs that helped influence/inspire him (Raekwon's 'Glaciers of Ice' which made me happy as hell because Only Built for Cuban Linxx.... was all I listened to this summer pretty much) 

None of these things are self-serving like everyone believes his every breath is designed for. 

He is just looking out for cool new things being done by obscure sources that deserve to have their work seen/heard/appreciated. 

ultimate case in point #2: Kanye used his blog to debut his first single off the upcoming 808s and Heartbreak  - "Love Lockdown", and talked about his neuroses of what it should sound like - leaving it open to suggestions from the millions that read his blogs. He actually took advice from fans (added more drums, changed some vocals) and re-released the new version which will ultimately become the official version. he gave fans a hand in his own process - when have you ever heard of that happening? WHAT AN ARROGANT DICK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  ! ! 

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