Monday, September 22, 2008

Rockin' out with Jenny Lewis' Acid Tongue

Jenny Lewis' new album Acid Tongue has an undeniable drive and a new sound. Unlike Rabbit Fur Coat this album achieves more of a rock sound without abandoning the folk roots altogether. The tempos and beats intensify toward the middle of the CD but even the slower song entice with a softer, seductive sound. The natural, free vocals against the strong rhythms and melody reiterate Lewis' aptitude. 

The album offers variety: an Elvis Costello/Jenny Lewis duet in "Carpetbaggers," the rhythm and melodic switch-ups in "The Next Messiah," and the juxtaposing of  folk and rock sounds. Acid Tongue keeps the attention of listeners even after repeated plays. 

**** out of  *****

My favorites: "The Next Messiah," "Jack Killed Mom," and "Acid Tongue"
-Elizabeth Timmins

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