Monday, February 22, 2010


I am a huge geek. Though you don’t know this yet because I’m new at the DI and because I’m an unobtrusive 5’1’’ Asian girl who likes pretty dresses, fashion blogs, and Gossip Girl. I am, even if I can’t play Mass Effect II to save my life. I spent my high school years shuttling between my regular school and a magnet Math, Science, and Technology program for the “gifted.” I rejoice every new Apple announcement. I wrote for a (now defunct) women’s tech blog. I would much rather watch a Star Wars marathon than go see that new Twilight guy movie.

Now an English/Econ major, the Java Programming classes and world-champion robotics team days are behind me and my inner-nerd rarely has a chance to come out. This is why Monday nights are special. No, not football, but rather the geeky hilarity of The Big Bang Theory, a CBS series about a (sadly fictitious) group of awkward, Caltech prodigies and their hot neighbor/waitress/friend/love-interest.

The main reason I love this show is the amazing Sheldon Cooper. Played by the talented Jim Parsons, Sheldon is exceedingly arrogant, ridiculously idiosyncratic, and downright condescending. He has an extensive knowledge of everything from theoretic physics (his profession) to the Marvel Comic universe (his passion). Yet Sheldon often behaves like needy child with no sense of social protocol. In other words, Sheldon Cooper might be the funniest character on television (perhaps with the exception of HIMYM’s Barney Stinson, but that’s another post entirely).

Some fun Sheldon Cooper facts:

1. He likes to be tucked into bed when he’s sick.

2. Sheldon’s fond of his “classic practical jokes” always ending with the catchphrase Bazinga!

3. The actor playing Sheldon, Jim Parsons, is amazingly talented. Case-in-point, this call-to-action video:

- Alyssa Marchetti

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