Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TV Tuesdays

I like watching people stranded a mysterious island. I enjoy not even understanding some of the things that take place in the show I love. I want to find out who the wishy-washy Kate will choose- Jack or Sawyer? I LOVE Lost.
Lost may be one of the most twisted, confusing shows every created, but I cannot get enough of it. I was hooked back in 8th grade when I watched the first episode of the terrific plane crash. Six seasons later, I haven't missed a single episode. Does this mean I have any idea of what is going on in the show? No, but I continue to watch because I love the characters.
Don't ask me to explain anything. Ask me about the strong character development, the beautiful backdrop of the island, and the great suspense that accompanies every episode. That's why I love the show and will watch every episode starting tonight until the last one this final season.

Lost is not the only program that captivates me. I am sad to admit that I have found Teen Mom to be my favorite guilty pleasure. This also airs on Tuesday night making me a total couch potato.
Why I find myself cheering on or booing various teenage mothers is beyond me. For one thing, I love watching cute little babies no matter how old their mom is. Second, I guess I just like watching people's life. Once a reality tv hater, I now enjoy multiple reality shows includingKeeping Up With the Kardashians (but that's a whole other blog).
I cannot really explain my fondness for Teen Mom. Maybe I like watching things I don't understand or couples who are either really cute or arguing all the time. Either way, I like Teen Mom. I hope Farrah finds a man. I think Catelynn and Tyler are the cutest couple ever (interesting that the couple who gave their baby up for adoption seem the healthiest). I think that Teen Mom is fun to watch. And while it may not be on the same level as Lost, I will be watching it anyways.
-Sarah Larson

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